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Our Electric I-Technology™ has a range of applications…

Click on each image to take you to a Slideshow Gallery of each application. This list is not exhaustive & many more applications can be used…

The only limit is your imagination…








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Electric I-Technology™ The Future of Glass is here NOW



The Electric Glass People

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Clients love our offices
We had the I-FILM applied to the glass walls on our office in London and our clients are always stunned when we show them demos projected onto the film. Thanks guys for all your help. Steve Briars


Incredible product
We have numerous homes around the world and we have the I-GLASS installed in the bathrooms and windows and my partner and I are so impressed with the technology.

Julian Reese

Total Privacy!
I have large windows overlooking the street in my property in Mayfair London and with the I-FILM in private mode nobody can see in however hard they try. Thank you

Danielle S.

Juliette Branson
An absolute must for any technology lovers this smart film product will be a global winner there is no doubt.

Ms Juliette Branson

Rupert Blythe-Hayes
Absolutely amazed by the electric glass I'm so glad we made this purchase. Thank you

R Blythe-Hayes

Midas Touch Solutions
Very fast lead time and such a simple solution for our office. We love the frameless glass look and it was a competitive price. 10/10

Robert Chandler

Technology Resources
Great prices and highly capable team of engineers. I will be certainly recommending you and hope to use you again. The electric glass really impressed our clients. Thank you!

David Pullman

Heritage Pharmacies
Thank you for all your help and making our decision to use you very easy. Very impressed from start to end with all your help and we simply love the finished product.

Jane Silverton

B2B Team Finders
Incredible product and very helpful and polite engineers. Highly rated!

Susan Reynolds

Key Office Build
The Electric Glass People People were extremely helpful from start to finish with helping us with the design and project management of our new offices in London. I hope to use you again and I am impressed with the product!

Robin Thorpe